Dynamo Pictures conducts business related to all aspects of visual entertainment from the production of CG images for movies, animated films, game movies and commercials to the planning, production and distribution of original stereoscopic movies. We have established a reputation in Japan and overseas for creativity and technology that captivates the audience. Aiming to become a leading company in the global entertainment industry, we partner with production studios worldwide.

MissionWe have a track record in production spanning various fields.
- CG images for movies, animated films, game movies and commercials
- Original stereoscopic movies
- Visual contents for exhibitions and events

We have experienced staff in various professions.
- CGI designers with experience of over 10 years
- Highly skilled producers and production managers
- Global production team through collaboration with overseas production studios

We operate a motion capture studio, ''Studio Dynamo,'' in the center of Tokyo.
- Japan's first motion capture studio
- Absolute advantage in skill and experience, size and facility, and convenience of location


Yona Yona Penguin

Yona Yona Penguin

Yona Yona Penguin

Dynamo Pictures is currently producing ''Yona Yona Penguin,'' a fully CG-animated film slated for worldwide distribution, in collaboration with major Japanese animation studio MADHOUSE. The film will encapsulate Japanese sensitivities in an innovative 3D-animated film of a kind not seen before, integrating 2D animation techniques that Rintaro built up through his more than 40-year career with films like ''Genma Wars'' and ''Galaxy Express 999.''

PointRelease: 2009 (tentative; simultaneous release at Shinjuku-Piccadilly and other theaters throughout Japan)
PointDistribution: Shochiku Co., Ltd.
PointExecutive Producer : Jungo Maruta
PointProject Producer : Masao Maruyama
PointDirector : Rintaro
PointProducer : Iwao Yamaki/ Hiroshi Hirokawa
PointOriginal : Rintaro/ MADHOUSE
PointScreenwriter : Tomoko Komparu
PointCharacter Design : Katsuya Terada
PointCG Supervisor : Tsuneo Maeda
PointArt Director : Mihoko Magohri
copyright2009 Rintaro + Madhouse / ''YonaYonaPenguin'' Film Partners + DFP

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